Gym Technik Updated With New Certified Online Trainer Program


Gym Technik is a really popular fitness app that we’ve been writing about forever. The company has been working hard to keep their BlackBerry app looking fresh and they’ve recently added an entirely new plan to the program that includes a certified online trainer.

The new Premium Plus Gym Technik plan offers members access to a certified online personal trainer. By getting personalized attention from Gym Technik’s certified trainers, members can benefit in the following ways:

  • Customized workout plans synced to the member’s BlackBerry app
  • Direct messaging access to the trainer to ask any health related questions
  • An affordable and convenient way to get access to a personal trainer
  • Workout plans continuosly updated based on actual progress

Read more on the Gym Technik Blog.

Use this link to register for free for Gym Technik and then upgrade.

Happy New Year and hope this helps with the resolutions.