Txt2Mbox Sends Copies of SMS Text Messages to Email Inbox


One of the great things about modern email inboxes is you simply never have to delete emails. Storage has become so cheap that almost all of you will never reach your limits. On your BlackBerry, it’s great to know that all your emails are indexed somewhere forever but text messages don’t have the same benefit unless you use an app such as Txt2Mbox. Txt2Mbox is a text message archiving utility for the BlackBerry.

Txt2Mbox copies SMS text messages that you send and receive to your email account. Txt2Mbox uses the IMAP protocol to transfer the text messages to your email account. Text messages you send from your mobile device will be stored in the ‘Sent’ folder of your email account, and text messages that you receive will be stored in your inbox folder. The SMS text messages are transferred to your account in email format, with the subject of the email set to indicate that it is an SMS.

Use this link to check out the device requirements and price in App World.

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