Blaq Twitter Client for the BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to 1.6 With Klout, Bug Fixes and More


One of the best things about third party Twitter apps is that the developers take the time to put in features that may not appeal to the masses, but appeal to a small section of users and power users. It’s what makes these apps much more fun than the mainstream first party apps. For example, with Blaq, you can now check out someone’s Klout score. Or with UberSocial, you can create circles of people you want to follow more closely. With the latest update to Blaq, power users on Twitter are sure to have a lot more fun with their PlayBook.

blaq for the playbook

Here is the change log for the update:


  • Read saved searches - You asked for it and it’s here!



  • support (Pro coming soon)
  • support
  • Yfrog support
  • Twitter photo support
  • Klout score on tweet card (configurable)

Main View

  • View your own profile


  • Maximized WebView notifications – Native notifications prompt even when you’re viewing websites within Blaq.

Bug Fixes

  • Cannot insert mention between text when composing a tweet
  • Mentions and DMs are not sorted
  • Direct message notifications would not show
  • Trending topics don’t load
  • Some tweet links were untappable or broken
  • More stable real-time streaming
  • Tweet Card some times does not display (potential)
  • Search results scroll performance improved
  • When an image upload fails, tweet is still sent
  • Minor internal issues

Check out Blaq for PlayBook in App World at this link.

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