Automatically Checkin to Foursquare and Facebook With LittleBrother by Emacberry


One of the problems with checking in is checkin fatigue. The fact that these social networks require you to manually enter your location makes them pretty tedious considering there is often little to no reward. LittleBrother, a location-based service application by emacberry, has recently been updated and allows you to set locations to automatically checkin via foursquare and facebook when you enter these locations. It’s an awesome feature that companies like foursquare would do well to implement themselves.

To get started, go to the General Options and press the ‘Connect’-Button - this will open the web browser like screen and display the login screen. After your foursquare account is connected, LittleBrother allows you to define a new Sector type: “foursquare venue” Sector. To create a new 4sq Sector simply open Sector Definition and select ‘Add foursquare location’ (or use the key short cut [F]). LittleBrother will display the first 50 venues in a range of 5km (aprox. 3mi).

After you have selected a foursquare location from the popup list you can specify how LittleBrother should broadcast your automatic-checkin:

  • Select between public or private
  • Broadcast checkin on your connected Twitter Account
  • Broadcast checkin on your connected Facebook Account
  • Specify an additional Shout-Message (once a Shout-Message is specified the broadcast type will be automatically set to ‘public’)

In order for LittleBrother to perform a foursquare auto-checkin, you have to be at least for more then two minutes in a range of less then 150m (aprox. 500ft) from the venue’s location. A re-checkin at the same venue will happen either after 24h or when LittleBrother has auto-checked in at a different venue in the meantime.

Head over to the emacberry site at this link to download a copy of LittleBrother.

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