CES 2012: Zagg Shows Off New Universal Keyboards for Any Bluetooth Device


Zagg is at CES 2012 showing off their new Universal Keyboards that work with any Bluetooth-enabled devices including the BlackBerry PlayBook. One of the downsides is that the media keys won’t function on the PlayBook because they are for iOS and Android only. Too bad.

YouTube link for mobile viewing.

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  • Anonymous

    This doesn’t make too much sense to me; how is it compatible with the Playbook if there is a “switch” that you can change to either iOS or Android on it? What do Playbook users choose? And what actually does this switch do the keyboard?

    I’ve been looking for a keyboard and kept hoping that RIM would actually released their keyboard that they talked about last year but that seems like a pipe dream since it was spoken about at CES.

    It would be nice for Zag to actually show the keyboard working with a Playbook as I’m leary to buy it online without seeing it actually working with the device.

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