LinkedIn’s Touch Optimized Mobile Website is the Company’s Future


It has been a long time since LinkedIn announced anything for BlackBerry. Considering RIM’s client base in enterprise, you would think BlackBerry would be a priority. The last time we wrote about an update to the LinkedIn app for BlackBerry, was when it supported OS 6 over a year ago.

We haven’t seen much from LinkedIn in terms of native apps, but the touch-optimized website seems like the company’s foreseeable future for the platform. Come BlackBerry 10, LinkedIn will be integrated with the platform in features such as the Unified Inbox in the PlayBook OS 2. Until then, it seems the touch site is the future for the company’s mobile strategy and it’s not bad. The LinkedIn native apps were never much good and the site works much better now on OS 7 then the app ever did on OS 6.

Hit the touch-optimized site at

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