Dear, Please Submit Your Android App to the PlayBook


The BlackBerry Developer team has been working hard to get Android developers to port their apps to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Recently, released its Android tablet app and we think this is a great time for the company to submit the app to App World. This makes a lot of sense considering many users have had trouble accessing the site from a PlayBook, and BlackBerry’s “get it done” crowd loves a good finance app.

For those who don’t know, is a great service that allows you to track your spending and finances. The app integrates with your bank and gives you budget recommendations as well as helpful charts to see a quick overview of your spending.

Curently, the app is not optimized for 7″ tablets but the resolution and aspect ratio shouldn’t be hard to port. RIM has promised that Android apps are a simple port to the PlayBook, and it doesn’t seem like the Mint app uses any fancy APIs that would prevent the porting job.

Head over to the support site and show your love for the PlayBook.

Head over to this Android Market link to see the app details.

  • TheTigerTek

    I would love to see this happen.

  • Anonymous

    I think you made a mistake in the syntax of the second paragraph of your post. Do you mean that it should NOT be hard to port. As it reads now, it sounds like it would be hard to port which is probably what you don’t mean.

  • Kyle McInnes