Is Your PlayBook Having Problems Updating Today? Server May Be Having Issues


We got a tip today that the servers used for updating the PlayBook may be having some issues today. If you’re trying to update your PlayBook and you’re getting an error that says “could not connect to update server” you’re not alone. According to the support forums, there are at least a few other users having this issue and hopefully it gets resolved soon.

According to the tipster: “I am trying to setup my new 64 GB BlackBerry PlayBook (replacement for 16 GB model) today. Apparently, RIM’s update server is having issues — during the setup process, I encounter “Could not connect to update server.” followed by error code (9), (3000), or (3001). According to the BlackBerry Support Forums, this is affecting a large number of people (i.e., not an isolated incident).”

RIM’s plan is to have all BlackBerry 10 smartphones update in a similar Over-The-Air method as the PlayBook so it’s important that RIM keeps these servers top knotch. We’ll update this article when the situation is better.

Follow the outage progress on this support forum thread.

  • Tom

    Well, it appears that the server is back up, but it’s “slower than slow”, with about 2 hours or so to complete the download (still more than an hour to go).

  • Tom

    So just 10 hours after I started, I was able to update the OS of the new device (mandatory) and perform a Device Switch (from 16 GB to 64 GB)…

  • Allan

    Probably just your network connection, I loaded up new OS in 32gb in about 90 minutes!

  • Richard Brothers

    Got my playbook last Friday (3rd) and yet to get a connection with the server! And the update loop still keeps me from using the device! Help!!

  • Anonymous

    What’s your secret? I’ve spent the last 3 days trying to get a connection! New device so desktop doesn’t work as the lack of a successful update stops it linking!

  • Nsiti1593

    Is the server still down?

  • Ravieen

    dude how did u did dat in 90minutes… too have a 32gb BB playbook

  • STZ22

    I’ve got a 64 gb and yet to get a connection with the server! And i’ve been trying for nerlly 4 weeks now

  • ericktiu

    Its already a  month and a half and the problem is still unresolved. RIM people please wake-up!

  • mcmackin

    Got errors 2032, 3000, and 3001.  Made call to BB support - they said return the PB.  On my second one - same errors.  Moving on - no PB for me.

  • Farhanj786

    hey ! i bought a PB 64gb online and when updating it in the intial process it gives the same error.. its been a  week and no solution.. what do i do ???

  • covergirl

    Can anyone give me an info is the server is down again??? i just got my 64gb Playbook and since yesterday evening i;ve been trying to set it up but until now it still keeps on prompting me ” Could not connect to update server. (3000)” Can anybody help me please!!!!!