Compilr Lets Developers Write Code From Their BlackBerry PlayBook


Compilr is an online integrated development environment for programming languages like PHP, C++, Ruby, Java, C# and Visual Basic. The company has recently launched a pretty cool app that lets developers to write code directly from a BlackBerry Playbook. The guys at Compilr say they’re trying to remove all the hassles around development and the best way to do that was to push the experience to the web to remove friction for developers. Considering all the development environments you sometimes need to program, this makes a lot of sense.


Since the product has launched, Compilr has grown to over 80,000 users and the company says the BlackBerry community has responded really well to the PlayBook app launch. So far, the app has been downloaded over a 1,000 times which is a testament to how many developers own a PlayBook.

What’s really going to make Compilr effective is a solid keyboard for the PlayBook. If you’re going to be doing some quick hacking, you’ll need a good input method that can keep up and the virtual keyboard probably won’t cut it. We’ve tried a few of them out and RIM will soon be releasing its own. If you’re looking for one, try this Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard by NextSuccess. For Canadians, use this Amazon link.

Check out Compilr for yourself at this App World link.

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