PingChat! Rebrands as Touch and Serves Over 100 Million Messages


The guys at Enflick have been really busy making a series of products in the communication space. The company had a very popular app called PingChat! that has since rebranded itself and become Touch. Touch is available for iOS, BlackBerry and Android, and has had some pretty awesome success lately. According to the company, Touch has already served more than 100 million one-on-one messages and nearly 10 million group messages.

YouTube intro video for Touch.

Touch is an IM client, group messaging app and photo sharing app all wrapped into one. According to the company, since December 2011, Touch has served:

  • More than 106 million one-on-one messages
  • Nearly 10 million group messages
  • More than 200 thousand Experiences – through customized profile pages allowing friends and family to enjoy mutually shared Experiences and photos
  • More than 1 million comments in Experiences

It should be interesting to see how the market for IM clients and chat services evolves as more users communicate across platforms and demand more rich media functionality.

Try Touch for yourself. Head over to from your BlackBerry to download OTA or visit for other devices.

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