BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2 Now Available for Download!


The BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2 is now available for download, so you need to get it now. There’s some amazing additions to this update that we’ve been expecting, ever since we first saw a demo of the features a few months ago . You can now get your email, calendar, and contacts, all sync’d with your PlayBook. This is a big turning point for not only RIM, but for the PlayBook. If you’ve ever not picked up your PlayBook because you went to check your email on your smartphone, today will change all that. It’s going to be really interesting to see how everything changes now that RIM’s tablet has the functionality we expect of a modern tablet.

PlayBook OS about screen

We’re downloading the update right now. What are you waiting for? Go get it right now!

Check out our first look at BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2 native email, contacts and calendar.

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  • Kishorat

    Fetal error occured while udating!!! I got this message agter 1.5h! trying again with desktop manager!! waiting sincee last 45minutes on !!

  • Kishorat

    again i got the same message!! Now trying OTA!

  • Hugo Costeira

    I already have it running perfectly… updated OTA, no errors whatsoever. Like the new PB… just wondering when/where will Android app market be available

  • Kishorat

    OMG!! without any problem my PB is updated OTA!! but why desktop manager can’t!!

  • Graham Robertson

    It’s not that the Android Market will be available, it’s that Android developers are porting their apps to Playbook.  There’s already android apps available… you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference.  BlackBerry doesn’t want two app ecosystems on their device but just the one App World.  The open and act like regular playbook apps… in the background it runs an Android Java Machine so that all Android App Developers had to do was re-export their app for playbook (some more easily done than others… but a fairly quick process).

  • Helorn2

      “You can now get your email, calendar, and contacts, all sync’d with your PlayBook”.  I don’t see how.  Been trying all morning.

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