BlackBerry Gaming Has a Big Presence at Game Developers Conference (GDC)


The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco is fast approaching and will be held on March 5th-9th. All of the biggest names in gaming will be there including facebook, Google and EA, and RIM will have a significant presence at the show promoting gaming on the PlayBook and BlackBerry 10. It looks like this year will be an excellent opportunity to learn about developing games for BlackBerry 10, and how to leverage everything from BBM, to RIM’s recent acquisition of ScoreLoop. Below are some sessions presented by BlackBerry.

Sessions featuring the BlackBerry platform include:

Writing Web Games for BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook (Presented by BlackBerry)
Porting Games to BlackBerry PlayBook (Presented by BlackBerry)
Social Gaming using BBM and Scoreloop (Presented by BlackBerry)
Make Money on BlackBerry! (Presented by BlackBerry)
BlackBerry 10 - A Game Developers Platform (Presented by BlackBerry)
Introduction to the BlackBerry PlayBook Native SDK: Building a Sample Application (Presented by BlackBerry)

If you’re going to GDC, let us know because we’d love to connect.

  • Marie Weaver

    Effort of RIM to develop game apps for BB10 and playbook is remarkable; Gameplay with new advanced features like improved physics, 3D effects in few games, improved animations brings more excitement for game lovers.