RIM Releases Scoreloop SDK 1.0 for BlackBerry Native SDK for PlayBook OS With KAMI RETRO HD


That blog title sucks but you get the idea. RIM’s acquisition of Scoreloop, the mobile gaming achievement company, has led to a 1.0 release of the Scoreloop SDK for BlackBerry and users can check out what it’s like in KAMI RETRO HD by Paw Print Games. With the Scoreloop SDK, developers can add leaderboards, challenges, awards, and more. The hope is that all of this will save developers time, create a more fun gaming experience for BlackBerry users and make the platform more attractive all around.

The Scoreloop SDK 1.0 for PlayBook is now available to everyone allowing developers and users to tap into a cross-platform social gaming ecosystem with over 120 million users. If you’re a BlackBerry user and you want to see what Scoreloop is like, download KAMI RETRO HD by Paw Print Games. According to the developers, their experience integrating Scoreloop was “seamless” and allowed them to implement leaderboards and awards.

Features of the ScoreLoop SDK 1.0 include:

Leaderboards – Allow players to compete on regional and global leaderboards
Awards and Achievements – Keep players engaged with challenging achievements
Player Challenges – Add competitive edge with social challenges
Player Profiles – Personalize the experience with editable profiles
Friend Management – Spur competition between closest rivals

Take a look at the ScoreLoop SDK documentation at this link.

Read more about the announcement at RIM’s DevBlog.

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