Prove BlackBerry Users Party Hardest and Take the 100Proof.Me Booze Test #SXSW


Some companies have internalized the anti-BlackBerry media sentiment to the point where they don’t even realize lacking BlackBerry support is bad for business. A great example is which has a booze test for SXSW attendees and they’re recording a live stream of how much people are drinking. BlackBerry users are known for hard work and what follows is almost always hard play. So rather than ignore this company, we want to write about them and get people using their mobile website. The latest OS 7 browser renders really well (screenshot below) and if we flood the site with enough data, hopefully they’ll start publishing it. So go to from your BlackBerry and start taking the Booze Test.

Go to from your BlackBerry and show them there’s enough BlackBerry users out there that love this stuff.

You can view the live infographic of data at this link.

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