RIM Hosting BlackBerry Developer Jam Sessions at SXSW #BBJamSXSW


RIM is hosting a BlackBerry developer jam session for developers where you can meet BlackBerry experts and develop a killer app. BlackBerry devs are there to help you implement NFC in your app or help it go viral. Also, developers can bring their best app ideas and pitch it for a free BlackBerry PlayBook. There doesn’t seem to be any real restrictions, so even if your idea is “port my existing app” you’ll probably walk away with a free tablet. Android devs should definitely head over as the BlackBerry Jam Session is right near the Google Village too.

The Android strategy for RIM makes a lot of sense because it allows RIM to get its foot in the door with Android developers and bring them on to the platform. One thing RIM has done at SXSW that you may not have noticed, is that either on purpose or by accident, positioned the BlackBerry Jam Session right beside the Google Village. Just look at the above map.

Check out the BlackBerry Jam Session at 78 Rainey St Austin, TX 78701.

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More details at the BlackBerry DevBlog.