BlackBerryCool Celebrates 7 Years, Over 10,000 Blog Posts and 65,000+ Comments


It’s pretty amazing to think BlackBerryCool has been writing about RIM’s products for 7 years with over 10,000 posts on the subject. The readers have been incredibly active as well, logging over 65,000 comments on the site. I thought a great birthday gift to us all would be to hand pick some articles over the past 7 years that give an idea of how the company has changed and bring back some of that great BlackBerry nostalgia. This isn’t about “the good ol days”, in fact, I’d gladly use my 9900 over the old 8700, but it’s about the evolution of a technology product. It’s rare that anything lasts 7 years on the web, let alone the 28 years since RIM was founded. Click through and read some of the blog posts we’ve done over the past 7 years.

BlackBerry birthday cakes are sort of a “thing”.


Golden Palace Casino Blackberry Version Reviewed - BlackBerry games didn’t look so bad considering it was 2005.
Why No Apple Support - A RIM employee tells BBCool that “There is currently no timeline set for the introduction of Mac versions of Intellisync or the BlackBerry Desktop Software.”
RIM Too Expensive - Standard & Poor’s Equity Research said Research In Motion “is growing faster than its peers.” and set a target price of $78-$85 on RIMM stock (currently trading at $13 in 2012).
How BlackBerry conquered the world - CNN writes about how RIM won Wall Street and gained 2M subscribers (amazing to think the company is now at 75M).
Rumored Specs on new BlackBerry ‘Electron’ - Whoa! The screen specs are insane! It has a 240×160 display with 65k colors!
RIM Balsillie to Give Keynote at Lehman Brothers’ Worldwide Wireless - Yikes, remember Lehman Brothers?


Is the BlackBerry the “greatest Canadian invention”? - Possibly still true 6 years later.
RIM Responds to NTP - The patent trolls that RIM fought and eventually lost to. I’m sure Balsillie is still bitter he wasn’t able to crush them. Interesting to note that as of 2010, the company was still patent trolling.
RIM Exec David Heit Interviewed - Senior Product Manager for RIM says “We’re looking at voice-over-IP as a major direction, so that instead of giving an employee a desktop phone, you give them a Blackberry, so it’s a mobile phone device as well as a secure connection for email. And when you add the mobile application capability we’ve been talking about, then you’re really talking about true convergence.”, when asked about RIM’s future direction.
RIM Makes “Most Innovative Company” List - We hope this comes back with BB 10.
RIM co-CEO’s Chosen as Canadians of the Year - Must be tough to leave a legacy like this and feel pushed out of your company.
Mike Lazaridis: RIM’s focus is new products, partnerships and growing markets - RIM is “ready to tackle the consumer market” with 25% of BlackBerry users on BIS.


Should Microsoft buy RIM? - If you’re a BlackBerry news reader, you’ve seen this same article a billion times over the past 7+ years.
We repeat, no threat from iPhone to the BlackBerry - Hmmm…we may have been off with this one.
BlackBerry Mascot gets a little brother - What ever happened to the walking BlackBerry mascots? The 9900 should get one.
Lazaridis at CTIA: BlackBerry is a “Platform” - Lazaridis was a smart guy and definitely knew where the company needed to go. Maybe it was more implementation than leadership.
RIM opens its doors to developers - Developers, remember this? “RIM has opened up multimedia API’s on both the Pearl and 8800 so that developers can create and mold and do whatever it takes to make some mind-blowing applications for us to utilize.”
EXCLUSIVE: The Next BlackBerry Browser - New doesn’t necessarily mean good. But hey, it was 2007 remember.
Viigo/BlackBerryCool to Go channel gets customizable - Remember Viigo? What happened to them? Not sure what they did for OS 5-7.
RIM’s stock breaks $100 - Come back please.
Web Desktop Manager available - Whatever happened to the web-based Desktop Manager?
BlackBerry Unite! to bring small groups together - Curious what happened to that product too.


OS 4.5 in action - Remote email searching!
Official support forums launched - Huge tool for developers launches.
BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 15 - Should we start Podcasting again? Rob Woodbridge is on this podcast from back when he was at Rove.
India’s Intelligence Bureau rejects RIM proposal - This fight will go on for a long time.
RIM to release clamshell flip phone codenamed Kickstart? - In hindsight, yes, RIM will launch a clamshell and it won’t do so well. At least we don’t think it did.
Questionable picture of touchscreen BlackBerry sends bloggers into tizzy - This image turned out to be real, and the phone turned out to be really lame. In some ways, the Storm was the beginning of RIM’s PR troubles.
BlackBerry Javelin due before Christmas? - I remember being really jazzed about upcoming BlackBerry launches in those days. Not so much when I know BlackBerry 10 is around the corner.
BlackBerry Storm Roundup (continuously updated!!) - Needless to say, we were very excited about the Storm.
The BlackBerry Storm can do Copy and Paste - It’s funny to think that this was a feature we actually needed to brag about.
RIM developing a BlackBerry Application Center - BlackBerry App World version
Krakow calls BlackBerry Storm ‘Best BlackBerry ever made,’ Pogue calls it a ‘dud’ - “It truly is amazing!”


Sorry Mike, the BlackBerry Storm is not a netbook - “I think I can put Netbooks in here [referring to the BlackBerry Storm]. These are Netbooks. They are just smaller.”
How RIM perfected the trackwheel - “What we found with high-speed photography was that there was no deflection in the wheel when it hit the surface. The wheel stayed totally rigid and that snapped it right off.”
BREAKING: RIM settles with OSC for $76 million, Balsillie to step down from board - Jim should have said “I’ll be back” in his best Arnold impression.
App World pricing structure revealed - Good thing this was changed. Now that it’s 2012, maybe RIM should update and have a $0.49 app category.
RIM officially names app store BlackBerry App World - the beginning of a new era on BlackBerry.
Research in Motion is selling copious smartphones despite economy - April 2009, RIM sells its 50 millionth BlackBerry!
What apps does Jim Balsillie have on his BlackBerry - What apps do you think he has now?
What do you want to know from RIM’s official BlackBerry blog? - Around the time when RIM launched its official blog.
Tungle unveils new ways to conveniently book meetings - This company was acquired by RIM 2 or so years later.
Increasing BlackBerry device memory for bigger and better apps - App World now handles all of this. Interesting step though.
RIM releases new tools for developers creating web apps - The Widgets to Webworks to PlayBook path for web apps has really evolved into something amazing.
Leaked pics of the BlackBerry Storm 2 9520 aka Odin - The Storm after the Storm.
Trusting 3rd Party BlackBerry Apps: What Can They Do? - One of my favorite articles ever on the site.
Stress Test: How long can the BlackBerry Bold 9700 play music? - The Bold 9900 has an awful battery life. The 9700 should have become the standard as the battery life was simply amazing.
The OS 5 Boot Test: Storm2 vs Storm 9530 vs Bold 9700 vs Bold 9000 - Crazy that this remains a problem even with OS 7. The PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 changes all of this.
The Three Rounds of the App Store Battle - Another great outside contributor article.


BlackBerry Battery Cover Review: Bold vs Tour vs Curve vs Storm and more - Another problem RIM never really fixed. The battery cover on the 9900 is awful. Nobody can open it the first time they try. Tip: use a credit card.
Beta Review: Official BlackBerry Twitter Client from RIM - RIM launches its native Twitter client. Not sure how I feel about this to this day. Did RIM really need to build a Twitter app? The native integration could have been done by a third party surely.
Foursquare Updated to Version 1.7.0 – Now on App World! - Hey look, foursquare for BlackBerry launches on App World.
State of BlackBerry: Mike Lazaridis’ Speech and Where We Stand - A great roundup of facts about RIM as of April 2010 including “RIM has sold over 90 million BlackBerrys.”
What BlackBerry OS 6 Means for Developers and Super Apps - There’s probably still a good 4-5 years of legacy apps that will be around. This is still relevant.
BlackBerry Torch 9800 Review: BlackBerry 6, Touchscreen, Keyboard and More - One of the longest hardware reviews on the site.
RIM Introduces BlackBerry Tablet AKA the BlackBerry PlayBook - This was really exciting when it launched. With OS 2, it feels like a totally different tablet.
RIM Announces BBM Social Platform for Super Apps with Integration APIs - One of the most powerful initiatives RIM launched for developers.
Dan Dodge, Co-Creator of QNX Talks PlayBook and the QNX OS - This is the beginning of something very interesting.
RIM Launches BlackBerry Ad Service to Help Developers Monetize Apps Better - Quite a few DevCon announcements that year.
Analysts Claim RIM is Dead but they Underestimate the QNX OS - Alec Saunders, before he was at RIM, had this to say about QNX “In layman’s terms, that means it’s more stable than LINUX, runs in less memory than any of LINUX, OS X, or Windows – even the embedded versions, pretty to look at for users, and easy to develop software for using skills that are relatively common in the industry. Oh, and did I mention that it sports a touch screen UI, and a fully integrated flash development environment?”.
QNX and RealVNC Team up for Terminal Mode: BlackBerry Automotive Integration - These stories will be much more prevalent in the coming years. The new QNX BlackBerry will be embedded everywhere.
RIM Officially Announces BlackBerry App World Desktop Storefront - There could be a lot more going on here. For example, social integration would be interesting.
LinkedIn App for BlackBerry Now Available for Torch and OS 6 Devices - Hard to believe LinkedIn dropped BlackBerry support after such a weak kick at the can. The app sucked and probably led them to just give up.


RIM Introduces the BlackBerry Messenger Mobile Gifting Program - Cool idea, but have you used it?
BlackBerry App World 2.1 Live with Payment Service - A strong point RIM never got enough credit for.
BlackBerry PlayBook to Run iOS Apps - Great April Fool’s Day post.
The Air Canada Issue Has Nothing to Do With RIM - The remember when those RIM employees got wasted and freaked out on a plane? That was actually pretty badass.
RIM Gives Anonymous Response to Anonymous Open Letter - This article caused a lot of discussion on our site and probably a lot more at RIM.
BlackBerry PlayBook Native Email, Contacts and Calendar Screenshots and Details - This article made the rounds on every tech website in the galaxy. It was a first look at the native PIM apps and for some reason, it was at a demo for government employees. I don’t think they expected us.
RIM is Also Collecting Location of Its Users’ BlackBerrys But Doing it Right - Problem for Apple but not RIM.
RIM Sponsored We Day Brings 7 Thousand Youth Together to Fight Poverty #WeDay - A trip to Waterloo and it was really fun.
Alec Saunders Confirms Many Upcoming BBX Features - This is going to be huge news for the upcoming BB10 phones. They’ve got to have a Super App feel and not just a smaller PlayBook.
BatBerry Project Still Going Strong – Makes First Public Appearance - This is a project we’re keeping an eye on. It’s going to hopefully finish in 2012.
RIM Launches BBM Music for BlackBerry - After months of using it, not a fan. Music isn’t meant to be shared with a bunch of random strangers who don’t have the same taste in music.
Scoreloop Community Gaming SDK Now Available in Beta Zone - Scoreloop is now publicly available (March 2012) and hopefully more devs use it.
Mike Lazaridis and Alec Saunders Talk App World and Developer Community #BBDevCon - This is the time when Alec came in to really smash myths about BlackBerry and get the word out that development on BlackBerry can make you money.

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