Free CircleBack App Aggregates Your Contacts Across Social Networks


CircleBack is an app from Dub Labs, the same people who brought us the contact management solution DubMeNow. CircleBack aims to take all your contacts that are spread across a variety of social networks and aggregate them into a single place. By aggregating contacts, users can take advantage of having a single, larger network to draw from whether it be job opportunities, events or just catching up with friends.

Features of the app include:

  • Just a few simple taps and CircleBack automatically brings all of your existing contacts together from your email, social networks and smartphones—with no data entry required.
  • Just enter a name and contact information instantly appears.
  • Add any of these employees to your contact list and you’ll instantly get their business contact information—now you have even more leads.
  • Gives you contact’s title, websites, social sites, industries, keywords, job postings and even a directory of other contacts at that business location.
  • Retrieve any contact in your CircleBack network with ease—just by typing in a few simple keywords.
  • When creating your profile, you can even include your specialties so CircleBack can use them as keywords for other users—making it easier for potential clients to find you.

Download the free app in BlackBerry App World.

  • Stephen

    Great article - thanks! One of the most exciting features of CircleBack is its ability to auto complete and keep business contact info up to date.