Borglar Turns Your Town Into The Newest Immersive Video Game #Android


If you’ve ever wished that your home town was one of the levels on a game like Super Mario Bros, then your wish has come true. Augmented reality firm Borglar uses your smartphone camera, plus geolocation, to turn any town into a game. They can set tokens and mystery items pretty much anywhere you point your phone. You have to get out, search and discover and then you can claim the various items. Gather enough tokens and you start to earn local discounts or deals.

Businesses are encouraged to join in and set their own tokens and surprises to encourage customer engagement and redemption. The game is brand new, and currently in limited release on Android only. But Borglar has plans to support additional devices soon. In the event that you want to build some sort of AR application, and/or utilize complex geo-data, then you can contact Borglar to find out about utilizing their backend platform. The world really can be your (virtual) oyster.

Check out Borglar for Android devices at this link.

If you’re an Android user, be sure to get the BlackBerryCool Android app at this link.


Andy Rosic, Founder of SelfPubd a co-op app publishing movement, often loses at Super Mario Bros although he enjoys talking smack during the game.

EDITOR NOTE: RIM - please make sure BB10 and PlayBook have all the APis to port this asap.

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