Pandora Announces Business Subscriptions to Avoid Litigation and Supply Great Music


Pandora announced today at SXSW their new “Pandora for Business” service. Many users don’t know that the music they listen to personally on the Pandora app is not licensed for re-broadcast. In other words, you can’t play it publicly at your business. Many businesses do just that, however. A Roscoes House of Chicken and Waffles in Southern California is an example of a small business who was recently fined over $200,000 for playing 8 songs in a non-licensed manner. Ouch. Pandora has partnered with long-time business music delivery company DMX to offer a simple piece of hardware, plus a fully licensed and legal monthly subscription at $24.95.

Knowing that your heart is still pounding from fear of being fined for illegal broadcasts, Pandora also made setup and customization super simple. There’s even a remote with dedicated “thumbs up/down” buttons so you can constantly tailor your perfect station. There are no DJ’s and no commercials to contend with, just the music you want for your particular atmosphere. Plus, with it being fully licensed, that means that even the artists themselves are getting paid their share for their art. Everyone wins. According to Tim Westergren, founder and CSO of Pandora, “As a former working musician (a pianist), I’m really excited to see working musicians being played in public spaces and getting paid for it.”

There are tons of other tech specs and features, so if you’re interested you can start at this link.


Andy Rosic (@arosic), Founder of SelfPubd a co-op app publishing movement, plays guitar and is hoping that maybe one day we’ll never have to hear elevator music again.