UberSocial Update Brings Facebook Feeds and Completely Revamped User Interface


UberSocial is one of the best Twitter clients for BlackBerry smartphones. In fact, it sort of makes you wonder why RIM even bothered to build a Twitter client. Does the official RIM client really provide anything to users that UberSocial couldn’t or doesn’t? Anyways, the latest update to UberSocial is really cool. Not only does the app look entirely different, but it now features a facebook feed so you can check on your facebook friends without having to leave the app. It’s a lot like what SocialScope was up to.

With the latest facebook integration, you can read your facebook newsfeed, as well as post, page, profile and picture viewing. Also included are the original features such as:

  • tweet/retweet, direct mentions, @replies, @mentions
  • manage multiple accounts
  • photo and video support integration with multiple providers
  • location services including tagging and search
  • protected tweet mode for privacy
  • a complete set of Twitter functionality

Grab a free copy of UberSocial in App World at this link.