Do You Press The Snooze Button A Lot? Try The Get Set - Get Up! Alarm Clock App for PlayBook


There are quite a few alarm clocks out there but Get Set - Get Up! alarm clock app for PlayBook has a unique spin. The alarm provides increasingly shorter snooze periods and clear indications of how much time is left so you’re gradually prepared to wake up. The app also features ticker text and/or voice notes to remind you what you have to do that day. This really helps for those that like to set the alarm early knowing it takes them a while to “come to”.

Features of the Get Set - Get Up! Alarm clock app include:

  • Progressively shorter snooze intervals with adjustable total snooze period
  • Clear visual indication of how much time you have left
  • Ticker-text displays your ‘notes to self’, motivational quotes etc.
  • Wake up to your favourite music
  • Visual pre-alarm before the alarm sounds
  • Temporary silencing on touch anywhere gives you time to rub your eyes and think before you hit Snooze or turn the alarm off
  • Night-light
  • Easy time-setting (no fiddly spinners)
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Volume setting independent of settings in other apps
  • Battery indicator and low battery warning
  • Detects and warns if device is not charging properly
  • Landscape or portrait mode
  • 12 or 24 hour mode

Check out Get Set - Get Up! in BlackBerry App World at this link.

  • Will Robertson

    Wow this is awesome. Definitely beats all of the other PlayBook alarm clocks I’ve bought. Thanks!

  • Sumthnwicked

    Doesn’t exist in playbook app world

  • Anna

     Hi Sumthnwicked - thanks a lot for alerting me to this!!
    It does actually exist (search for “get set” and it’s the first thing that comes up). I’ll try and investigate why the Browser links don’t work on the playbook …  Please give it another try using search - sorry for the inconvenience!