Sketch With Friends is a Draw Something Clone for Your PlayBook, Android Tablet and iPad


There’s a lot of buzz around the game Draw Something, especially as the developers OMGPOP were acquired by Zynga for reportedly $200M or more. The game is fun, addictive and while there isn’t a BlackBerry version, PlayBook and Android tablet users can check out Sketch With Friends. The game is just like Draw Something and in fact, when you think about if Zynga were to build Draw Something themselves, they’d probably name it “with friends” too. The cross-platform aspect of this game is a huge plus over Draw Something as users can compete against platforms too.

Features include:

  • Facebook integration
  • Leaderboards
  • Cross-platform (PlayBook, Android, iPad)

Buy Sketch With Friends in BlackBerry App World at this link.

For a video look at the app, check out this YouTube clip:

YouTube link for Mobile.

EDITOR NOTE: Download the BlackBerryCool Android app at this link.

  • Badcrystalbabe

    i am not paying for this app when i can go to android and get draw something for free!!!!!!!! why is blackberry charging for apps when if you go to android of iphone you get them for free, sort it out else you will be losing another customer

  • WaxW

    This app looks great and its made by a very cool company. They’re not a huge corporation, and I’ll be happy to pay a small fee for a good app- especially one that is cross platform!  I’ll certainly not be using Android or its apps. I don’t want google to control every aspect of the way I interface with computers, the internet or digital. 

  • Andrew

    Like the multiplayer features but it really is a poor substitute for Draw Something. The latter is just simpler and more polished; hope they decide to port it over.