Developers: You Should Attend the BlackBerry 10 Jam at BlackBerry World in Orlando, May 1st


BlackBerry World is going to be an awesome conference this year. Not only is RIM hosting its standard BlackBerry conference, but the company will have a developer-conference-within-a-conference called BlackBerry 10 Jam. According to RIM, the BlackBerry 10 Jam “will be dedicated to developers and is a unique opportunity for developers to connect with BlackBerry platform experts and learn more about the benefits and business opportunities of the BlackBerry platform. The show will give developers insight on building applications in anticipation of the launch of the new BlackBerry 10 OS later this year.” What kind of insight will they provide? Well the schedule has a “Hands-on” Lab Session so hopefully devices!

BlackBerry Jam

BlackBerry 10 is going to be a great opportunity for developers that made an app for PlayBook to extend the app to the smartphone. One thing to really consider is whether your app will be different for a smartphone, or just a quick port. For any devs still on the fence about whether or not to go BlackBerry 10, did you know:

  • The BlackBerry platform has become one of the most profitable platforms for mobile developers
  • BlackBerry App World has more paid downloads per month than the Android market.(Yankee Research Group)
  • In Q2 2011, BlackBerry App World generated 43% more average daily downloads per app than App Store (research2guidance)
  • 13% of BlackBerry developers have made more than $100,000 from their apps on BlackBerry App World, considerably more than Android or Apple developers (Evans Data Corp)
  • Carrier Billing, which has proven to dramatically increase paid downloads, is available with 40 carriers in 36 countries. No one else can boast those numbers.
  • More than two billion apps have been downloaded from App World alone. The first billion were downloaded in just over two years, the second billion were downloaded in the last seven months
  • More than six million apps are downloaded every day from App World alone
  • App World is available in an industry-leading 164 countries and territories

Check out the announcement on the BlackBerry DevBlog.

Head over to the BlackBerry 10 Jam Conference page at this link.