BlackBerry 7 Smartphones Now Compatible With iCAM7000 for Secure Biometric Access


Here’s some cool futuristic stuff, BlackBerry 7 smartphones are now compatible with a product called iCAM7000 which looks like something you would use to protect access to a nuclear launch facility. The iCAM700 is part of the IrisAccess platform and from what we can tell is a biometric access system for highly secure facilities. It looks like the typical iCAM7000 requires a few pieces of biometric identity and the BlackBerry smartphone will be another means of identifying the person entering the facility. Cool stuff.


According to the press release: “Using a NFC-enabled BlackBerry smartphone, the iris templates of a user are securely stored to an iCLASS digital credential on the phone. That credential can then be presented for authentication by simply holding the NFC-enabled BlackBerry smartphone in front of an iCAM7000 series iris camera, just like users do today with a physical iCLASS smart card.”

To see a demo of this, you can check it out at the ISC West conference, March 28-30, in booth #4043 at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas. Iris ID will demonstrate iCLASS credentials using the NFC capabilities of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone at the conference.

Read more about this at the press release at this link.

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