GPS Nautical Charts for BlackBerry provides offline charts


GPS Nautical Charts for BlackBerry is the first marine navigation app to offer offline GPS mapping. This is a must-have app for anyone interested in recreational boating or fishing.

The app’s mapping data is derived from the NOAA’s Raster Navigational Charts for it’s North American maps and Admiralty UK’s RNC for Europe. Charts can be searched for by state, coast guard district or by region and are saved for offline usage. GPS Nautical Charts also features the seamless mosaicking of different charts, all the user has to do is scroll.

More features:

  • Distance and Bearing tools can measure the distance and direction of any point.
  • Custom waypoints from your current location, manual selection, or by entering coordinates.
  • Point of Interest layer for each and every chart, displays boys, lights, good fishing spots and more!
  • Search either Points of Interest or Waypoints
  • Record GPS tracks feature, or view track in an overlay. Tracks can be exported to GPX format.
  • Auto follow mode

Buy US GPS Nautical Charts for BlackBerry for $14.99


Buy UK GPS Nautical Charts for BlackBerry for $24.99

  • Paulo

    Hi Matt. Do you know where can I find South America (Brazil’s coast) nautical charts for Blackberry?
    Thanks in advance.