Foursquare for BlackBerry updated to v3.8.1 and Features GPS++, NFC and Push Notifications


Foursquare has just launched a major update to their social checkin app. The new features include better GPS functionality, improved push notifications and NFC support.

The new push notifications will work a lot like how the Facebook and Twitter notifications currently do on the BlackBerry.

The new implementation will allow users to check in to venues using Foursquare-configured NFC tags as well as share venue and tip data simply by tapping devices together. This not only speeds up checkins dramatically but also allows for checkins in places where getting a GPS signal may be difficult.

Download Foursquare for BlackBerry free from App World.

  • Oleg

    Foursquare updated to 3.9.1 (not 3.8.1). ;-}