Macadamian’s BlackBerry 10 Cascades App Now Available in Github Open Source Community


Macadamian is a user experience and software design company that was at BlackBerry World and BlackBerry Jam showing off a demo of the work the company has been doing with Cascades. The demo is of an app for a sports apparel company that shows you a graphical representation of how much buzz each team is producing, and therefore giving the business an idea of how much relative inventory it will need. The app uses a combination of OpenGL and Cascades and really shows how beautiful an app on BlackBerry 10 can be.

Check out the video of Macadamian’s Daniel Baxter, Senior Developer and Matthew Hately, VP of Strategy, at BlackBerry Jam.

The best part about this is that Macadamian has put the project in Github under the Cascades community section at this link.

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