10 Ways to Sell Mobile Apps: An Interview With Rob Woodbridge and Untether.TV


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to sell your app given the sheer volume of apps in many of the app stores. Developers often don’t have time or don’t want to market their apps, and would probably rather spend time coding and developing the apps. But apps can be more than hobbies, they can be businesses, startups and potentially a source of retirement (not likely but we can all dream). In an interview with Rob Woodbridge at Untether.tv, we talk about 10 clear ways that developers can sell their mobile applications. I also talk a lot about the startup I’ve been working on, Pretzil. It’s a mobile app discovery network so everything ties in nicely.

View the episode’s original post at this Untether.tv link.

Full disclosure: this is partially shameless self promotion but it’s also a hat tip to our good friends at Untether. We’ve been working with them for a long time and their site is doing incredibly well these days. Definitely a site to bookmark/subscribe/follow/read.