Amazing! Motek Mobile’s Screen Muncher Once Did 409,000 Downloads in One Day


Motek Mobile is a cool app company that has been making great apps for BlackBerry for a long time now. The company has 6.5M daily active users and recently, we heard the President of the company say that Screen Muncher once did 409,000 downloads in a single day. That’s a pretty incredible number by any standard and it definitely smashes the myth that BlackBerry apps can’t get huge download numbers. There are 77 million BlackBerry subscribers after all.

Motek Mobile downloads

So how did Motek get all those downloads? First, Screen Muncher wasn’t the first screenshot app for BlackBerry but it did capitalize on its famous “munch” sound and they gave the app life with the Screen Muncher character. It just goes to show that if you take the time to build in some smart marketing and branding into your app, it will definitely help downloads.

Something else that sets Screen Muncher apart from the rest is the way the company capitalized on a free version with a recognizable watermark. In speaking with Wes at BlackBerry Jam 2012, he told me that the watermark became pretty famous and helped to drive downloads. Users would see the Screen Muncher watermark and it would be a way of certifying that the screenshot is legitimate. Did you get a highscore in a game? Screen Munch it because I want to see that watermark. Sure, you could photoshop it, but it’s just a great example of another marketing initiative that turned this app into a movement versus just a simple screenshot app.

Check out all of Motek’s apps in its vendor page in App World at this link.

  • Kyle McInnes

    I guess I should have used Screen Muncher for that screenshot. It would be cool if a developer could track the effectiveness of watermarks in driving downloads. I’d like to see those stats.