Run In Crowd is a Free Platform Jumping Game for BlackBerry Playbook


Run In Crowd is an innovative yet simple platform jumping game for the BlackBerry Playbook. This free game has been featured in BlackBerry App World and for good reason too: It’s super-fun.

Run In Crowd is a one-button game that has you jumping from one platform to the next. You can’t control your speed and with each successful jump you run even faster making the game more intense as you advance. Alongside your character, there are several other ghost characters representing other players’ attempts. With each successful jump the game will display info on your prior attempts or show you stats on how many people have made it to this point.

The experience of your current run being compared to the rest of the world with each and every jump, is lots of fun. In fact I’m a big fan of their passive multiplayer-like style that has you playing a single player game while being asynchronously compared to all the other attempts.

I give this game a prefect score, 5 stars out of 5. This is the first perfect score I’ve ever given to a game so if you don’t get this for your Playbook you obviously hate having fun.

Get Run In Crowd free for Playbook from BlackBerry App World.

  • Ali

    The description is inaccurate above.  This is a live game, all the players are live players.  You can also play in offline mode with ghost players.