Herocraft Announces They Will Be Releasing Games on the BlackBerry Playbook


Game developer Herocraft has announced that they will be developing a number of games for BlackBerry Playbook and BlackBerry 10 platform. Herocraft is a game developer headquartered in Kalinigrad Russia, they develop games for several platforms like Google Play and Nokia Ovi and BlackBerry.

Here are a few titles that Herocraft plans to bring to BlackBerry 10 and the Playbook:

  • Majesty-The Fantasy Kingdom Sim: A highly acclaimed adventure game series
  • Majesty-The Northern Expansion: Another adventure-filled chapter
  • Romance of Rome: An adventure game with lots of hidden objects
  • Scrubs: A game based on the hit ABC TV show
  • Farm Frenzy: A popular mobile farming sim
  • Montezuma: A hit puzzle game
  • Yumsters: An action-packed puzzle game
  • Red Ball: A physics based arcade game
  • Catch the Candy: An action Puzzle game
  • Gibbets 2: A skill shot game
  • Adventures of Robinson Crusoe: An adventure game based on the book
  • Tiny Bang Story: A hand drawn game with an amazing soundtrack

Herocraft has about 100 employees and they distribute games in 15 languages. This game developer is a perfect match for the BlackBerry platform as they support a lot of regions and languages that BlackBerry already has a strong presence in.

For more info on Herocraft, visit their web site. If you want to check out their current BlackBerry App World offerings, click here.