CupidRadar Online Dating Service Shows Off New Free BlackBerry App


CupidRadar has recently launched their BlackBerry app that uses your phones’ location data to find you matches nearby. The dating service boasts a very healthy, nearly 50% women userbase that seems to be a bit rare among their mobile online dating competitors.

I recently asked CupidRadar a few questions about the app, here’s what they said:

Tell us about the CupidRadar BlackBerry App.

The idea is, wherever you are during your day, chances are there are other singles physically near you- whether a few feet or a few miles away. And since single people don’t wear t-shirts that say, “Hey, I’m single- please talk to me,” I wanted to develop something that enabled technology to do that for us more privately, discretely, and interactively. The advent of smart phones like Blackberry devices allows us to now have such a product. Once approved, you can log into CupidRadar and do a search- we’ll return your match results and tell you how far they are from you, rounding their distance for added security. You can then message the people you’re interested in. We never display or reveal anyone’s actual location, but rather just their distance from you.

What about the CupidRadar Service?

One of the thing we’re very proud of is how balanced our male to female ratio of users is. Many new dating companies or sites struggle with this because, as one might imagine, it’s easier to gain male users than female, and as a result, they end up with lopsided male-female ratios. We attribute our balanced user base to our robust and selective approval process and user screening. When new dating sites or apps launch, one of the most difficult challenges to overcome is growing the user base from scratch, and unfortunately to try to overcome this hurdle, many new sites and apps opt for severely relaxing their approval process all the way from “not verifying if user emails are valid” to “not requiring pictures or filled out profiles.” On CupidRadar, women respond positively to how much effort and work we’ve put into the privacy, security and legitimacy of our users’ profiles. So, in turn, more women sign up and refer us to their girlfriends, which balances our user base nicely.

Were there any challenges during app development?

One of the most important things is determining the trade-off between functionality and speed to market. You can quickly launch something simple with minimal complexity and functionality to get your foot in the door, but then users might complain about lack of functionality. Conversely, you can obsess over getting the “perfect” app and 27 yrs later be out of the market because everyone else passed you by.
Another common pitfall is at what point to launch an app versus going with a mobile site. With sophisticated smartphone browsers these days, many sites can run perfectly smoothly on smart phones without even needing an app. Each site has unique characteristics that lend better to one or the other option.

Download the BlackBerry app free from App World.