Monitor Your Kids’ Phone Use With Mobile Spy for BlackBerry


Mobile Spy is a discrete realtime system logging application that lets you monitor your child’s or employee’s mobile usage. Mobile Spy was recently updated support for all the latest social networking apps and instant messaging apps.

Mobile Spy, available across five different smartphone platforms, silently records smartphone user activity of children or employees. Logs are viewable online in real time. Standard features include monitoring of entire SMS text messages, actual GPS locations, call information and photos taken on the phone. Logs can be reviewed from any web browser inside a secure online control panel.

Adding the ability to view nine types of Social Media messengers allows the user to view conversations which happen in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger, BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry PIN Messenger, GTalk, Twitter and others. This gives the user the ability to make sure their employees are not sharing confidential material or that their children aren’t communicating with forbidden individuals using the BlackBerry.mobil

Mobile Spy offers the industry’s only LIVE Control Panel, which allows the user to instantly view the BlackBerry phone’s screen and a map of the current GPS location. This optional feature also allows users to perform administration commands instantly such as having logs emailed to their email address, initiating a silent call or SMS from the device or putting the device in lockdown.

Subscribe to Mobile Spy for as little as $8.33 per month.

  • joe

    Not really. Social media monitoring is not available for blackberry..whatsapp, facebook.

  • Ryan

    Check out Phone Sheriff 2.0, it records everything. I absolutely love this app.