Third Party BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 Extended Battery Pack Coming Soon


Owners of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 are no doubt pleased by their devices’ performance and screen brightness, but disappointed about battery life. Like a sports car that can only go 50 miles, these models always needed an early-evening charge if they hoped to make it through the day. Just like extended Bold battery packs in the past, they exchange about an extra half-inch of device width for extreme battery capacity: a whopping 3000mAh.

Currently the only solution is the BlackBerry JM-1 Battery Charging Bundle from RIM. It’s a great solution for around $80, but requires you to either pocket or bag the 3 extra items you’ll be carrying.

Pre-order The Innocell 3000mAh Super Extended Life Battery for $69.95.

via BerryReview

  • Richard MacRae

    I brought an extended battery for my bold 9900 on ebay last week. Its brilliant. I now get a full day and I hammer the phone too. I am over the mood with my extended battery. Its. 3500 as well I paid £9.99

  • anon

    I want more articles from this matt cameron fellow. Best writer on the blog, always short and to the point.