RIM’s Chief Marketer Talks BlackBerry 10 with Engadget


RIM’s Chief Marketing Officer Frank Boulben was interviewed by the good folks at Engadget about BlackBerry 10, and his role in marketing the new platform. Frank has been talking to bloggers who are the tastemakers of tech, last week Kevin Michaluk of CrackBerry fame got a chance to ask Frank some poignant questions about the new BlackBerry 10 platform.

Here is an Exerpt from the article summing up Frank’s role in Marketing BlackBerry 10, it’s clear they have no illusions about what he is there to do: Build a strong new brand.

When the first BB10 devices finally hit early next year, Boulben’s team will be tasked with making sure that number increases significantly enough to ensure the company’s success in a field that is increasingly dominated by the likes of Android and iOS.

Check out the full article at Engadget.com

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