iSIGN’s Mobile Proximity Marketing Shows Deals Without Compromising Client Privacy


There are a lot of companies trying to make mobile marketing take off. The problems surrounding mobile marketing are numerous and iSign has taken it upon itself to create a system that works.

iSign uses Wifi and Bluetooth technology to connect you with products and deals that are in your vicinity (about less than 300 feet). Businesses benefit from their non-intrusive data collection by helping them gauge interest. Users get deals, information and consumer insight while businesses get realtime analytics and a cutting edge marketing channel.

Here are some features of the iSign system:

  • Interactive Media Solutions (IMS) Broadcasting “Consumer Permitted” advertising and messaging to handheld devices with an adjustable range of 1-300 feet (0.3-100 m)
  • Data logging responses to each message for virtual real-time analysis
  • SMS/MMS option for permanent interaction between consumer and brand (any distance)
  • IMS unit may synchronize with digital signage or stand alone
  • IMS unit can hold up to 60 ten-second media-rich advertisements, or a virtually unlimited number of thumbprint tile advertisements

For more info about iSign, check out their YouTube page or their Corporate Site.