3 New Games for BlackBerry Playbook From The Jared Company


The Jared Company has launched 3 new games for BlackBerry Playbook. Box Blaster, Hungry Snake, and Wordzle are now available and suitable for all ages.

Box Blaster is a fire and forget style casual game much like Rovio’s Angry Birds. The object it to destroy all the target boxes using a limited amount of shots. Armed with a slingshot, all you have to do is pull back the projectile and release. This free title offers the first 3 levels gratis with an in-game unlock to access all the levels.

Download Box Blasters for BlackBerry Playbook free from App World.

Hungry Snake is an homage to the Basic game Nibbles, and the first ever mobile game, Nokia’s Snake. Costing just 99 cents, this finesse game will thrust you into a low-res world of nostalgia.

Buy Hungry Snake for $0.99 for Playbook from BlackBerry App World.

Wordzle is a cool word search Boggle-style game with letters lined up using hexagons instead of squares. Wordzle tracks a players’ progress giving the game a daily appeal.

Buy Wordzle for Playbook from BlackBerry App World, just 99 cents.