BlackBerry PlayBook 4G LTE vs The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 vs iPad vs Kindle Fire


We recently came across a pretty interesting “Sales Battle Card” that RIM is giving its sales team. The card shows the major differences between the tablets and it definitely does a good job of showing the advantages that the PlayBook 4G LTE has over its competitors. There’s also some facts on the card that are fudged in a way that’s not owning up to the PlayBook’s disadvantages. But the glass should always be half full right? Check out the full spec and feature comparison charts that show the differences between the PlayBook 4G LTE, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, iPad and Kindle Fire.

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RIM makes a great point here that the specs between tablets are all relatively the same. The only people that truly care about specs are a niche group of tech enthusiasts and tech bloggers. In fact, tech bloggers have probably played with enough devices to know that specs aren’t everything and that it’s more important that the user experience is smooth and battery life isn’t compromised.

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What’s really obvious with this comparison chart is the way RIM positions apps. It’s true that RIM does have the top selling apps on its platform, but everyone knows that’s not what the app game is really about. Most users are pretty tired of Angry Birds at this point and the best tablets are those that support platforms that are able to attract the latest startups and gaming studios. That’s not to say RIM can’t get there. We’re confident that RIM’s developer evangelists will be able to attract the right partners so that when the next big thing launches, BlackBerry will be supported.

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It’s the third comparison chart that really shows where RIM shines. It really is the only professional grade tablet. This probably doesn’t do much for the consumer market, but in terms of shareholder confidence in the company, this is a chart that more people should pay attention to.

  • Sea

    Thanks for this comparison. :D

  • john smith

    There’s also some facts on the card that are fudged in a way that’s not owning up to the PlayBook’s disadvantages

  • Raymond Jones

    Ya like the iPad does run HTML 5, has a built in speaker and mic as well.

  • Kyle McInnes

    Yes, but it is a sales card. That’s sort of the point.

  • Steve

    The Playbook is a solid device. We have a mix of Apple and RIM products in our house… the Playbook gets used for my day to day work activities, my wife’s iPad 2 gets used mostly for Word with Friends and my son’s desire to play every “free game of the day”. The user experience on the Playbook is far better than my iPhone the iPad. Of course, it could use several more key applications… like Netflix for use with the miniHDMI out (which only needs a $6 cable to connect). But, for presentations, email, book reading… its a great device.