TAT Displays BlackBerry 10 OS Development Progress Through Beta


Choose your development flavour and follow along as features get added to BlackBerry 10. Features get finalized in a beautifully designed retro flight arrival board by the UI wizards at That Astonishing Tribe.

The features and improvements are given arrival dates as they get added to BlackBerry 10 on it’s way through beta. Reading through the descriptions of features remind me what a big development toolbox is being made available to developers for this next generation mobile OS.

Cascades Arrival Times for BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 Native Development Kit Arrival Times

HTML 5 WebWorks BlackBerry 10 Arrival Times

Adobe Air SDK for BlackBerry 10

Android Runtime Roadmap for BlackBerry 10

I really like how BlackBerry 10 is shaping up to be a developer friendly OS. You can really see how they’ve been making ease of development a high priority from day one.

There’s more information over at the BlackBerry Developer Blog at this