SyncMate Helps BlackBerry Sync Data With Your Mac, iPod, iPhone and More


Syncing files, calendars, contacts and music between devices is a bitch. When connecting a lot of consumer-grade services to each other but I mostly end up generating duplicates whether it’s duplicate calendar entries, contacts or the mother of all duplicate problems: music. This drives me crazy because the whole point of sync software is to have single versions of the most current versions of your files.

Enter SyncMate by Eltima Software, a multi platform syncing solution that connects to every popular device and gadget I can fathom. Syncing between so many device and data types can be a tricky operation but SyncMate allows for a lot of fine-tuned control over what gets synceed. I decided to plug in as much as I could to see if it could hit the ground running, but after my first sync I had a lot of duplicate calendar events and contacts. I like the SyncMate style of supporting a lot of devices but you should turn off your other sync apps before your first sync. Also I should note that RIM’s sync solution doesn’t play nice with Syncmate. Be sure to fully uninstall it by using the uninstaller tool that comes with the BlackBerry Desktop Software download.

One of the more compelling features in SyncMate is the sync folders feature. Being able to sync a folder between all your devices opens up a lot of possibilities like leaving the office with your laptop without having to fuss with emailing yourself files or a USB key. If you prefer organizing your files using your desktop OS, folder syncing is the manual way to sync your media. In an age where the most convoluted piece of sync software is also the most widespread (iTunes) Syncmate provides a great solution for users who want trouble-free file management.

An Expert licence costs around $40 per year but if you want untethered access to all of Syncmate’s advanced features it’s a bargain at double the price. If you want to see if Syncmate is right for you, try it for free.

For more info about all of SyncMate’s uses and abilities, click here.