FUZZengine and Slotch Updated to 1.1 With BlackBerry 10 UI Elements


FUZZengine and Slotch are two recently-released apps for the BlackBerry Playbook by iMentalist that have gotten a UI overhaul in anticipation of BlackBerry 10.

FUZZengine is an ingenious way to add video backgrounds to your FUZZengine-supported apps. You can also use it to have a rotating wallpaper, or a video wallpaper. FUZZengine uses free SkyParrot cloud storage to manage users’ video and images.

Slotch is a slick and clean world clock, weather forecast and multi-alarm app that just makes so much sense design-wise. Get organized by setting alarms with notes attached, or just use it as the ideal Playbook clock and weather display for your desk. Slotch’s clean interface makes great use of FUZZengine, allowing for video or rotating images as your background.

Download FUZZengine free for the BlackBerry Playbook from App World.

Buy Slotch for Playbook for $2.99 from BlackBerry App World.

If you’re a Playbook or BlackBerry developer and you’re looking to make your app FUZZengine-compatible, click here to get more info.