Founder of Tether, Wakeful and Compilr Creates a Guide for Bringing Ideas to Market


Here at BlackBerryCool, we’re very familiar with Patrick Hankinson and the work he did with Tether, Wakeful and Compilr. When Tethering your BlackBerry was a difficult process, Patrick made a great deal of revenue by creating Tether, a simple tethering solution. Later, he launched Wakeful, a personalized alarm clock app. Recently, we saw the launch of Compilr, an online programming tool. Ever wonder how he took these ideas to market? Well he’s partnered with to create a step-by-step approach to get your ideas to market.

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The “play” (called that because it’s derived from a site called Startup Plays), gives you an indepth look at how to evaluate your idea, build it out and get your first paying customers. This is a great play for any developers that have an idea and are looking to do their own startup, or existing startups that are testing new products.

Check out Patrick Hankinson’s step by step guide on at this link.

  • Patrick Hankinson

    Thanks Kyle for the shout out. I hope the guide inspires more great innovation :)