BlackBerry Jam Conference in San Jose is More Apps Less Games


We’re at BlackBerry Jam in San Jose, California and there’s something interesting about the session catalogue: a total lack of anything ScoreLoop related and very little about gaming. This is probably a conscious decision on the part of RIM as BlackBerry World was almost too much gaming and the company may have gotten some flack from app developers about it. It would have made sense for RIM to be a little more open about the fact that this is not a gaming related conference, and that the focus will be on utility-style apps.

BlackBerry Jam

There was a lot of talk at BlackBerry World about what to expect from ScoreLoop and we’re hoping to learn more in the coming months, but it doesn’t seem like we’ll hear anything from them here at BlackBerry Jam. While it makes sense to give more attention to the non-game related devs, everybody knows that games are always number 1 in terms of mobile engagement and revenues. You can’t have a solid mobile product without games.

On the other hand, RIM is killing it when it comes to getting games on BlackBerry. The PlayBook is an exceptional gaming device with premium games from EA, Gameloft, Unity, Marmalade and indie developers. It should be interesting to see if BlackBerry Jam results in more utility-style apps to complement all the BlackBerry 10 APIs that are being released.

We’ll have more to report tomorrow when the conference really kicks off.

If you’re a dev here in San Jose that wants some gaming content, it looks like this session may be your best bet:

JAM40 – HTML5 Gaming
Thinking about creating HTML5 games? This session takes a look at Canvas 2D, WebGL® and supporting HTML5 technologies including WebWorks and HTML5 Audio. It also includes a deep dive into the makings of both TunnelTIlt, a WebGL based game, and ‘Peaks and Valleys’, a WebGL sample program.

Check out the session catalogue at this link.