Rogers Dealer Wireless Express Discontinues BlackBerry 9810


We’re not sure what to really make of this but the BlackBerry 9810 has been discontinued by Wireless Express, one of the largest distributors of Rogers wireless devices in Canada. The 9810 is the upgrade to the Torch and runs OS 7, making it a relatively new device and an odd choice of device to discontinue.

blackberry torch 2

From an Account Manager at Wireless Express:

“Also wanted to let you know the blackberry 9810 has been discontinued. We still have a few on hand and a lot of stock of the 9900 Bold and 9360 Curve.”

The Bold 9900 has been doing really well in terms of sales so it could just be that there’s not enough of a market for the OS 7 version of the Torch. Perhaps customers are thinking that if they’re going to go OS 7, they may as well go Bold 9900.

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    Sad, the 9810 trumps the 9900 without question. Less $$ for Rogers I guess.