BlackBerry Jam Americas Hackathon Winners


Before opening day at BlackBerry Jam Americas, several development teams took part in a BlackBerry 10 hackathon to see what apps can come out of a single day of coding. Winners were judged on several criteria and a lot of different types of apps came out of the project.

Winner of best e-commerce: Safe Dating Hero

Safe dating hero is an NFC-enabled app that allows you to share your contact info with others who have the app. It also comes loaded with dating advice, and purchasable tips for a safe and healthy love life.

Winner of best Red Bull App: BB10WC

BB10WC is a Brazilian soccer companion app filled with info about all the Brazilian soccer teams. This free HTML5-based app could eventually support ticket sales or become ad-supported.

Winner of best design: Ghost World

An interesting game all about freeing the souls of ghosts and striking a balance between good and evil ghosts.

Winner of best game: RedBullFun

really quickly put together game about feeding a dolphin redbull.

Winner of best app: InstaRand

InstaRand is an anonymous photo sharing app that could have a few great applications. Users upload a photo, and then see a photo uploaded by another user. The team talked about how this app could be useful such as white-labeling it for specific events so that attendees can share photos. They joked a bit about explicit content which is an obvious conversation to have when talking about the anonymous sharing on any content (like all the pants-off nudity on systems like