RIM Releases Major Update to the BlackBerry 10 Development Tools Beta


RIM has announced a major update to the BlackBerry 10 development tools beta. Being touted as the most open development ecosystem in mobile today, BlackBerry 10′s new dev tools allows developers to build their apps using one of many supported languages such as C/C++ (native BB10 development), HTML5/Webworks, Adobe AIR, or Android Java runtime technologies.

The development tool update begins with an update of the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha and simulators. Developers can now build their apps and access some new features of the BlackBerry 10 OS such as the Message Center, contacts, calendar and BBM. The update also features improved readability of code, and includes a new native C/C++ plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio.

For more info on the new BlackBerry 10 developer tools, visit RIM’s BlackBerry 10 developer portal.