Play DOOM on your Tablet with DoomGLES for BlackBerry PlayBook


DoomGLES for PlayBook by Michael Ryssen allows you to play your DOOM .wad files on your BlackBerry tablet. The game comes pre-loaded with the shareware version of Doom but if you’ve bought Ultimate Doom or Doom 2 you can use DoomGLES to play them too.

DoomGLES naturally supports the PlayBook’s HDMI output at high resolutions, realtime dynamic lighting, particle effects, 3D monsters and objects, blood projections, water effects and more.

Click here to watch DoomGLES on your mobile device.

To play your previously purchased Doom games, drop either the doom.wad or doom2.wad file in to your /misc/Kokak/DoomGLES/ folder on your PlayBook.

Click here to buy DoomGLES for BlackBerry PlayBook for $1.99 from App World.