Hidden Galaxies: A Voyage Home Now Available for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Hidden Galaxies is a really cool game because it’s the first time we’ve seen a BlackBerry game that combines expert developers (Magmic) with an up-and-coming artist (Eepmon). The art in this game is therefore unparalleled, and the gameplay experience is fantastic. If you were ever a Where’s Waldo fan, you’ll really get a kick out of the game.

Features of Hidden Galaxies include:

  • High resolution graphics
  • Ground-breaking parallax view
  • 12 Challenging galaxy levels
  • Hundreds of unique objects to find
  • Twitter integration to share with your friends

Hidden Galaxies is available for $1.99 in App World at this link.

Interested in getting some art from Eepmon? Check out his work at this link.