Karman Interactive: New Tech Startup Targets Web and Mobile


Karman Interactive is a new startup by the Canadian Entrepreneurs Jon Keon and Mike Baker, already known in the development community for their helpful blog they run with two others. They’ve recently gone live with a great looking website and a live physics demo you can try from your browser. This startup company is using web and game technologies to bring their clients apps and games to BB10, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Desktop, and Web.

It’s always encouraging to see more developers leveraging multi-platform technologies like HTML5, Adobe Air, and Unity3D to get the most out of their product on as many platforms as possible. With more and more developers going in this direction we can expect smartphone and tablet makers to start shining for the quality of their product and not just the size of their app store.

Check them out, like them on facebook and stay tuned for their upcoming projects.