Inside BlackBerry Demonstrates Flow and 1-handed BlackBerry 10 Navigation


People who follow BlackBerry 10 closely are anticipating how Flow will revolutionize the BlackBerry user interface. I think it’s the next state of evolution for BlackBerry navigation and it’ll have to top some very successful variations on the scroll wheel, trackball and trackpad.

Click here to watch the video on your BlackBerry.

The demo video shows that the new control scheme works great one-handed, and even keeps your thumb from having to go to the very bottom of the screen to access the trackpad or menu button. Another advantage for all you BlackBerry users who won’t let an arm full of groceries slow you down is the marvellously intuitive predictive text on the touchscreen keyboard.

Click here for the full story at Inside BlackBerry.

  • Ian

    That’s wicked! The efficiency of this OS seems to be pretty unique. Smooth as butter as well…

  • jj

    Shitty video, but I’m super excited to upgrade to BB10